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Antigel for Diesel Fuel


ANTIGEL SINTEC is pour point depressant of new generation designed for adding into diesel fuel with the purpose of stabilization of engine operation in a wide range of weather conditions. Antigel SINTEC affects hydrocarbon of paraffin group and water dissolved in the fuel, significantly lowing the temperature of filterability and freezing of the diesel fluid. In addition antigel SINTEC has a number of additional advantages: — Reduces fuel consumption. — Increases degree of efficiency of the engine and enhance its operational reliability in winter. — Reduces the pour point of summer diesel fuel to -37° C, winter one to -47° C. — Prevents icing of fuel filter. — Cleans the fuel system components from contamination and prevents the formation of condensate. — Lowers the limiting temperature of the fuel filterability by reducing the size of paraffin crystals. — Protects discharge nozzle from wear and increases lifetime of high-pressure pump. Antigel SINTEC is designed for all transport vehicles with diesel engine. Filled into 325 ml PET bottles, affordable.