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Auto wash shampoo Sintec Dr. Active concentrate


Professional single-component mixture, showing complete balance of many factors (synergism, mutual solubility of components and their emulsifying ability). Highly biodegradable, bringing minimal harm to ecosystem. Does not create scratches. Does not cause defects on the paint. Cleans the motor vehicles gently. High cleaning efficiency to different types of contaminations. Has obvious economical efficiency in comparison with similar auto wash shampoos. Prevents the formation of hardly soluble salts. Does not leave streaks and blooms on the surface. Well washed. Partially dissolves small traces of bitumen. Optimal package for different applications. Using new type of surface active agents gives auto wash shampoo anti-corrosion properties. Recommended concentration: Adjust optimal feed of foam onto the surface of the car. For this: 1) when using foam generator dilute SINTEC Dr.Active concentrate with water in ratio 1:20 – 1:50; 2) when using foam set dilute SINTEC Dr.Active concentrate with water in ratio 1:2 – 1:5; 3) In each concrete case dosing of the product depends on your equipment adjustments, dirtiness of motor vehicle, hardness of used water and air temperature.

Physical and chemical characteristics

Property Typical values
Density at +20°C, g/sm3 1,155
pH – value 1% solution 12,7
Cleaning efficiency 90
Color Light beige