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ELA Viskokril 100 NP

General Description — Application

ELA Viskokril 100 NP is a viscous concentrate of nondispersant polyalkyl methacrylate in neutral solvent refined base oil.

ELA Viskokril 100 NP is a bifunctional viscosity index improver, recommended first of all for improving low temperature characteristics as well as viscosity index and can be used for monograde and multigrade engine oils, transmission and industrial oils.

ELA Viskokril 100 NP offers good level of efficiency in severe applications in diesel and gasoline engines when used in engine oils with suitable DI-package.

Performance Level — Specifications

ELA N 22-001 TIP 3

Properties ELA Viskokril 100 NP Method
Appearance and Colour clear, yellow visual
Density at 25 oC, g/cm3 0,895 ISO 3675
Kinematic Viscosity at 100 oC, mm2/s 550 ISO 3104
Flash Point (COC), oC

INA Viskokril 100 NP : Base Oil SN 150 = 1 : 3

200 ISO 2592
Pour Point Depression Property, oC

0,5 % of INA Viskokril 100 NP in SN 150 Base Oil*

-31 ISO 3016

*Base oil SN 150 with Pour Point of -10 oC