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Hydraulic oil grade "A" is made from high quality base oil with the addition of a thickening polymer additive, antioxidant, antiwear, detergent and antifoam additives. A grade hydraulic oil is used in hydraulic shut-off systems, including ship hatches, hydraulic cranes, and steering gears. Oil grade "A" can also be used as a winter type oil in hydrostatic drives of self-propelled agricultural machinery.

Key features

  • does not destroy the materials used in the hydraulic drive
  • wide operating temperature range
  • has good filterability
  • cold start of the hydraulic drive at low ambient temperatures
  • stability of viscosity-temperature characteristics over the entire operating temperature range
  • protects equipment from wear and corrosion during operation


  • 180 kg

Physicochemical properties

Typical characteristics Hydraulic oil grade "A"
Density at 20 °C, g/cm3 0,8763
Viscosity Index 101
Kinematic viscosity at 100 °C, mm2/s 6,87
Kinematic viscosity at 40 °C, mm2/s 46,77
Kinematic viscosity at -20 °C, mm2/s 11207
Flash point, COC °C 240
Pour Point, °C Minus 40