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PL 743EU – ATF ADD Automatic Transmission Fluid additive


PL 743EU – ATF ADD is a multi-purpose low ash additive package that enables the formulation of automatic transmission fluids (ATF) that meet the requirements of automotive transmissions and power steering fluids.


PL 743EU – ATF ADD is specifically designed to formulate automatic transmission fluids that live up to the standards of Dexron III H (General Motors) and MERCON (Ford).

Petrolad® 743EU is also suitable for use in Dexron II applications at a very competitive treat rate.


▪ Excellent seal compatibility, oxidation control, anti-wear- and friction


▪ Outstanding low temperature properties;

▪ Multi-purpose ATF package;

▪ Meets a variety of specifications at different treat rates.

▪ Compatible with different mineral base oils.


Specification Dosage (% w/w)
Dexron IIIH 10,0
Dexron IIIG 10,0
Dexron IIIF 10,0
Ford Mercon 10,0
Allison C-4 10,0
Allison TES 389 10,0
Caterpillar TO-2 10,0
M2C138-CJ 10,0
M2C166-H 10,0
MB 236.1 10,0
ZF-TE-ML 09/11/14 10,0
VOITH G.607 10,0
VOITH H 55.6336.41 10,0
Power steering fluid 10,0
Specification Dosage (% w/w)
Dexron IID 7,3
Specification Dosage (% w/w)
TASA fluid 5,0