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PL9200G – PCMO ADD Multifunctional engine oil additive package


PL 9200G – PCMO ADD is a multipurpose engine oil additive package developed for formulating cost effective passenger car motor oils and heavy-duty diesel oils via a cascade additive technology that is suitable for use in vehicles where API certification is not required.

It provides good and reliable performance at economical treat rates.


PL9200G – PCMO ADD is designed to meet the requirements of gasoline and diesel engine oils based on API categories ranging from SB/CB to SL/CF.


PL 9200G – PCMO ADD offers the following benefits:

  • It offers excellent wear protection, deposit control and anti-oxidation combined with protection against rust in both gasoline and diesel engines without requiring booster package(s).
  • It is a cost effective additive package, delivering optimized performance on a cascade basis.
  • It is a multifunctional additive package which offers optimized logistics: one package for multiple applications.


PL 9200G – PCMO ADD provides good and reliable performance in the finished engine oil lubricant when blended in appropriate base oils along with a Viscotech® viscosity index improver (VII) with appropriate shear stability.

PL 9200G – PCMO ADD meets the requirements of the following API specifications:

API performance level Dosage % w/w
Mono grade Multi grade
SL/CF 6,00 6,00
SJ/CF-4 5,75 5,75
SJ/CF 4,50 4,50
SG/CF-4 5,50 5,50
SG/CF 3,25 3,25
SF/CF  SF/CD   SF/CC 3,15 3,15
SE/CD  SE/CC  SD/CC 2,75 3,15
SC/CC 2,00 2,30
SB/CB 1,5 1,75

Typical Data

Parameter Method Unit Typical
Appearance Visual   Dark brown liquid
Density at 15C ASTM D4052 g/cm 1,01
Kinematic viscosity at 100C ASTM D443 cSt 32,00
TBN ASTM D2896 mg KOH/g 138,00
Flashpoint ASTM D92 cSt 150,00
Calcium content ASTM D5185 Wt. % 4,07
Phosphorous content ASTM D5185 Wt. % 1,84
Sulphur content ASTM D5185 Wt. % 4,37
Zinc content ASTM D5185 Wt. % 1,80
Sediment ASTM D473 Wt. % <0,03