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0W-20 SN Full Synthetic


Proneft 0W-20 SN is a fully synthetic engine oil of unique formulation designed for the best performance of newest generation engines of premium car manufacturers. Proneft 0W-20 is made with a blend of high performance synthetic baseoils and superior additive package. Its technology helps to provide perfect lubrication, extra protection and ideal cleanliness of the engine. Proneft 0W-20 is a perfect motor oil for all types of engines where 0W-20 viscosity is recommended.

Typical characteristics

Density at 200С, gr/sm3, not more 0,847
Water content,% no more следы
Flash point , ° C 206
Auto-ignition temperature, 0С, not lower 354
Kinematic viscosity at 1000С, mm2/s 7,2
TBN, mg KOH / g 6,4
Pour Point, ° C minus 40
Sulphated ash,% mass., Not more than 0,96
Viscosity Index 122