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SAE 40 CF-4/CF - Mineral


Proneft SAE 40 CF-4/CF are all-season mineral motor oils, designed for operation in hot climate,developed for use in commercial diesel engines and equipment requiring the use of oils that meet the requirements API CF-4 specifications. The oil is made using high-quality base oils and a modern additives. Optimum viscosity helps to reduce wear of details of the engine, and to prolong service life of old equipment. Cautions: Be careful. Keep away from heat. Do not mix the oil with water, ground and other chemicals. Store in a dry, cool place, avoid the direct sun light. Shelf life is 5 years, subject to storage conditions. Wash the engine with flushing liquid before replacement.

Typical characteristics

Density at 20 ° С, g / cm3 0,8952
Viscosity Index 94
Kinematic viscosity at 100 ° C, mm2 / s 14,29
Kinematic viscosity at 40 ° C, mm2/s 152,4
Total Base Number (TBN) , mg КОН/g 9,07
Flash point, COC °C 230
Pour Point, °C -16