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ROLF HYDRAULIC HLP provides high performance and meets the requirements of major manufacturers of hydraulic equipment. The oils are made on the basis of deep refined mineral base oils using a high-quality multi-functional additives package. Hydraulic oils ROLF HYDRAULIC HLP are resistant to high temperatures and mechanical stress, foreshadow the formation of deposits that reduce the efficiency of the hydraulic system. The use of modern additives allows you to achieve excellent anti-wear properties, high resistance to oxidation and provide reliable protection against corrosion.

Approvals and compliances

DIN 51524-2 HLP;
ISO 11158 (HM);
ASTM D6158;
SAE MS 1004;
Bosch Rexroth RDE 90235;
Fives P-68 (ISO 32), P-69 (ISO 68), P-70 (ISO 46);
JCMAS P041 HK Hydraulic specification;
Parker (Denison) HF-0, HF-1, HF-2;
Eaton E-FDGN-TB002-E;
GB 11118.1-2011;
GM LS-2;
AIST 126, 127;
SEB 181222


20/208 L

Physicochemical characteristics

Name of the indicator Method HLP 32
Viscosity grade ISO 3448 32
Density at 15 ° С, g/cm3 ASTM D1298 0,872
Kinematic viscosity at 100 ° С, mm2/s ASTM D445 5,43
Kinematic viscosity at 40 °C, mm2/s ASTM D445 32,29
Viscosity Index ASTM D2270 104
Pour Point, °C ASTM D97 -32
Flash point, COC °C ASTM D92 220
Purity class ISO 4406 19/17/14
Zinc, ppm ASTM D5185 432
Phosphorus, ppm ASTM D5185 357
Mass fraction of mechanical impurities,%, not more than ISO 4405 no