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Rosneft Diesel 2 15W-40


Rosneft Diesel 2 15W-40 is a mineral engine oil designed for use in commercial diesel engines of service category API CH-4. It is produced from high quality base oils and modern additives. Approved by the leading Russian manufacturers of commercial vehicles.


Масло Rosneft Diesel 2 15W-40 рекомендуется для всесезонной эксплуатации в высокофорсированных дизельных двигателях магистральной, карьерной, дорожно-строительной и другой техники, удовлетворяющих нормам Евро-III и ниже.

Approvals and specifications

International specifications: API CH-4/SJ
Approvals: KAMAZ Avtodizel (YaMZ) Tutaevsky Motor Plant


• Optimal oil composition ensures the engine cleanliness in severe operating conditions;
• High neutralizing properties protect the engine from corrosion and mechanical wear when it operates on a fuel with a sulfur content of up to 0.5%;
• The use of high-quality base oils of our own production minimizes the oil consumption.


20 L, 216.5 L

Typical physical and chemical properties

Name of characteristic Test method Rosneft Diesel 2 15W-40
Kinematic viscosity at 100°С, mm2/s2/s GOST 33 / ASTM D445 15,7
Cold Cranking Viscosity (CCS) at - 20°С, mPa·s ASTM D 5293 5700
Viscosity Index GOST 25371 / ASTM D2270 130
Total Base Number (TBN) , mg КОН/g GOST 11362 / ASTM D4739 9,0
Sulphated ash, % mass. GOST 12417 1,1
Flash point, COC °C GOST 4333 / ASTM D92 235
Pour Point, °C GOST 20287 / ASTM D97 -30
Density at 15°C, kg/m33 GOST R 51069 / ASTM D4052 882