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Rosneft Diesel 3 10W-40


Rosneft Diesel 3 10W-40 is a semi-synthetic engine oil designed for use in commercial diesel engines of service category API CI‑4. It is produced from high quality base oils and modern additives. Approved by the leading Russian manufacturers of commercial vehicles.


Rosneft Diesel 3 10W-40 is recommended for all-season operation in high- performance diesel engines of line-haul trucks, mining, road construction and other equipment, where Euro-IV or lower environmental standards are required.

Approvals and specifications

International specifications: API CI-4/SL
Approvals: KAMAZ Avtodizel (YaMZ) Tutaevsky Motor Plant


• Optimal oil composition ensures the engine cleanliness in severe operating conditions;
• High neutralizing properties protect the engine from corrosion and mechanical wear when it operates on a fuel with a sulfur content of up to 0.5%;
• The use of high-quality base oils of our own production minimizes the oil consumption.


20 L, 216.5 L

Typical physical and chemical properties

Name of characteristic Test method Rosneft Diesel 3 10W-40
Kinematic viscosity at 100°С, mm2/s2/s GOST 33 / ASTM D445 14,8
Cold Cranking Viscosity (CCS) at - 25°С, mPa·s ASTM D 5293 5600
Viscosity Index GOST 25371 / ASTM D2270 149
Total Base Number (TBN) , mg КОН/g GOST 11362 / ASTM D4739 10,0
Sulphated ash, % mass. GOST 12417 1,1
Flash point, COC °C GOST 4333 / ASTM D92 235
Pour Point, °C GOST 20287 / ASTM D97 -39
Density at 15°C, kg/m33 GOST R 51069 / ASTM D4052 869