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Rosneft Kinetic UN 80W-90 is a modern multi-grade semi-synthetic gear oil specially designed for use in heavily loaded transmissions operating at elevated temperatures. A unique latest generation additive package and synthetic base provide superior performance, improved antioxidant properties and extended oil life.


Rosneft Kinetic UN 80W-90 oil is designed for use in manual gearboxes and hypoid axles in passenger cars and commercial vehicles operating with shock loads at high contact voltages, where improved gear protection and long synchronizer life are required. Rosneft Kinetic UN oils are universal and fully meet the requirements of API GL-4 and API GL-5 service categories, allowing them to be used in place of API GL-4 transmission oil and API GL-5 hypoid axle oil.

Approvals and specifications

International specifications: API GL-4, GL-5
Requirement compliance: AVTOVAZ, PJSC


• Unique technology provides maximum protection for parts in the most difficult operating conditions; • Synthetic base oils and high-quality additives provide exceptional thermal and oxidative stability and allow for extended oil drain intervals; • Rosneft Kinetic UN 80W-90 semi-synthetic oil has improved low-temperature properties compared to mineral oils of 80W-85 and 80W-90 viscosity grades; • Simultaneous compliance with the requirements of API GL-4 and API GL-5 allows to unify the range of transmission oils


1 L, 4 L, 216.5 L

Typical physical and chemical properties

Name of characteristic Test method Rosneft Kinetic UN 80W-90
Kinematic viscosity at 100°С, mm2/s2/s GOST 33 / ASTM D445 16,5
Dynamic viscosity at -26 °С, mPa∙s ASTM D 2983 100000
Viscosity Index GOST 25371 / ASTM D2270 140
Flash point, COC °C GOST 4333 / ASTM D92 213
Pour Point, °C GOST 20287 / ASTM D97 -34
Corrosion influence on metals, merits GOST 2917 2a
Density at 20°C, kg/m33 GOST 3900 / ASTM D4052 880