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Carboxylate antifreeze is made by the newest technology of organic additives. Antifreeze is a water-glycol solution with an organic corrosion inhibitor that does not contain nitrites, amines, phosphates, borates, and silicates.Antifreeze LUX is designed for all present-day engines exposed to high loads, especially aluminum. Antifreeze LUX provides excellent cooling system protection against freezing, corrosion and overheating, effectively protects against the formation of deposits in the cooling ducts in the engine compartment in the radiator and water pump. Has approvals of VOLKSWAGEN, MAN, JSC AVTVAZ, JSC Tutaevsk Motor plant, JSC AVTODIEZEL (YaMZ). Follow the manufacturer’s instructions or instructions on operating with automobile. Antifreeze LUX is hazardous on ingestion for human and animals. Antifreeze is fire-proofe (does not have flash point or ignition point). Keep in a place protected from sun light and atmospheric precipitation.

Physicochemical characteristics

Property Typical values
Density at 20°C g/sm3 1,074
Chilling point, °C -40
Alkalinity  sm3 5,0
pH value 7,8
Color Raspberry-red