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Antifreeze SINTEC UNIVERSAL is a coolant of new generation, designed on the base of high-quality monoethylene glycol and additives. It is used in the cooling systems of motor cars, trucks and other vehicles with medium and severe service. Antifreeze provides a normal thermal regime of the engine, prevents scale and corrosion formation in the cooling system. Refrains from freezing, overheating, boil-off and air locks appearance. Has effective greasing properties extending the lifetime of water pump. Does not damage hoses, gaskets and seal assembly of cooling system. Antifreeze does not contain nitrites and amines in its formulation.

Physicochemical characteristics

Property Typical values
Density at 20°C g/sm3 1,075
Chilling point, °C -40
Alkalinity  sm3 13,5
pH value 7,9
Color blue