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SINTEC Diesel mineral motor oils are formulated from high quality base oils and a balanced additive package. SINTEC Diesel engine oils have excellent antiwear properties and high resistance to chemical corrosion. Recommended for use in heavy duty diesel engines of high mileage trucks where API CF-4 oils are required.

Key features

  • stability of viscosity-temperature characteristics
  • oils have high antioxidant and dispersing properties
  • easy engine start at low temperatures
  • reliable engine protection against wear and corrosion in harsh operating conditions
  • protects the engine from carbon deposits


  • in high-performance, heavy-duty diesel engines, with and without turbocharging, installed on trucks, long-haul tractors, buses, construction and agricultural equipment, where lubricants of the API CF-4 operating class (or earlier specifications) and the corresponding viscosity grade are recommended.

Approvals and specifications

  • API CF-4/CF/SJ


  • 5 L
  • 20 L
  • 180 kg

Physicochemical properties

Typical characteristics SINTEC Diesel 20W-50
Density at 20 ° С, g / cm3 0,884
Viscosity Index 135
Kinematic viscosity at 100 ° C, mm2 / s 17,94
Total Base Number (TBN) , mg КОН/g 9,90
Sulphated ash content, % 1,30
Evaporation, % 8,4
Flash point, COC °C 236
Pour Point, °C Minus 26