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SINTEC Hydraulic HVLP series hydraulic oils provide high performance and meet the requirements of all major hydraulic equipment manufacturers. The oils are produced on the basis of deeply refined mineral base oils using a high-quality multifunctional additive package.

Key features

  • the use of effective additives gives the oil a high viscosity index and excellent pumpability at low temperatures
  • oils have improved thermal and hydrolytic stability
  • high antiwear properties allow the oil to work stably in friction pairs
  • prevents corrosion and reduces the negative effects caused by the ingress of water into the system under the most severe operating conditions and with sudden changes in ambient temperature
  • all-weather - the oil allows you to operate equipment in a wide range of operating temperatures
  • improved filterability due to optimal formulation of oils


  • in hydraulic systems of road construction and forestry equipment
  • in automobile hydraulic manipulators and cranes
  • in car tail lifts and multi-lift systems, as well as in truck cranes
  • in various municipal vehicles, vehicles of repair services, in forklift trucks with a hydraulic drive and in hydraulic systems of various stationary industrial equipment
  • used in many industrial, mobile and marine systems for which low starting temperatures and high operating temperatures are typical

Approvals and specifications

  • DIN 51524 Part 3 (HVLP)


  • 20 L
  • 180 kg

Physicochemical properties

Typical characteristics Hydraulic HVLP 32
Density at 20 ° С, g / cm3 0,863
Viscosity Index 152
Kinematic viscosity at 100 ° C, mm2 / s 6,34
Flash point, COC °C 204
Pour Point, °C Minus 36