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Synthetic motor oil "SINTEC Premium SAE 5W-30 ACEA A3 / B4" is made on the basis of a mixture of high quality synthetic base oils and a high-performance multifunctional additive package from AFTON Chemicals. Ideal for servicing most modern gasoline and diesel engines of European and American car manufacturers, where the use of oils of ACEA A3 / B4, API SL / CF level is required. Recommended for turbocharged and non-turbocharged petrol engines. The synthetic base base made from hydrocracking oils, which have low volatility, high viscosity index and thermo-oxidative stability, is additionally reinforced with polyalphaolefins, which provide excellent fluidity at low temperatures. Alkylated naphthalenes form a permanent lubricating layer on the mating surfaces of friction pairs, providing engine protection against wear both during cold start and in start-stop modes in difficult conditions of city traffic. High thermal-oxidative stability and a reserve of detergent properties counteract the formation of deposits in the engine. SINTEC Premium SAE 5W-30 ACEA A3 / B4 is an analogue of the most modern top engine oils.

Key features

  • Provides excellent starting properties and high lubrication reliability at low temperatures
  • High thermal and antioxidant stability guarantees engine protection during extended oil drain intervals
  • Ideal for start-stop driving due to the formation of a strong lubricating film
  • Resists the formation of deposits and sludge, keeping the engine clean throughout its life
  • The product is neutral to rubber and polymer products


Designed for use in highly accelerated gasoline and diesel engines of passenger cars and light trucks, where

  • Recommended lubricants are ACEA A3 / B4 or API SL (or earlier specifications) and appropriate SAE 5W-30 viscosity grade
  • recommended for use in Mercedes-Benz cars where an oil of the operating level MB 229.5 is required
  • recommended for use in Volkswagen Group vehicles (VW, Skoda, Audi, Seat), where oils according to the VW 502 00/505 00 specification are required.

Approvals and specifications

  • API: SL/CF
  • ACEA: A3/B3; A3/B4-16
  • MB 229.5
  • VW 502.00/505.00
  • RN 0710/0700
  • OPEL A/B


  •  1 L
  •  4 L

Physicochemical properties

Typical characteristics Test method Sintec Premium SAE 5W-30 ACEA A3/B4
Density at 20 °C, g/cm3 ASTM D4052 0,863
Kinematic viscosity at 100 ° С, mm2/s ASTM D445 11,9
Viscosity Index ASTM D2270 163
Dynamic viscosity CSS at minus 30 ° С, mPa * s ASTM D5293 4580
Total Base Number (TBN) , mg КОН/g ASTM D2896 10,2
NOACK volatility, % ASTM D5800 8,8
Flash point, COC °C ASTM D92 239
Pour point, ° С, not higher ASTM D97 -40