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Sintec TOSOL CF-40



Universal high-quality coolant The freezing point -40°C. The package of detergent, anticorrosive and greasy additives prevents scale and corrosion formation in the cooling system and provides a normal thermal regime of the engine. Can be used as a coolant in the local heating systems Does not contain nitrites and amines, has an increased lifetime. Operating temperature range from — 40 ° C to 115 ° C. Has the approval of  Interdepartmental Commission on approval of fuels, oils, greases and special-purpose fluids for production and use at GosStandard of Russian Federation No 3423/962.

Physicochemical characteristics

Property Typical values
Density at 20°C g/sm3 1,075
Chilling point, °C -40
Alkalinity  sm3 13,5
pH value 7,8
Color blue